Moon base map by bsp1t, the revival

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Moon base map by bsp1t, the revival

Post by illwieckz »

I've found on my hard drive an old backup of by bsp1t from 2014 (backup here), and there was a source in it, so I repackaged the map and even rebuilt it.

The map features an infested human base on the moon, for some reasons the infestation started from the garden! :grin:

A peaceful garden on the moon waiting to be infested by aliens.

See the original thread: moonbase map concept.

Let's welcome map-moonbase 0.7.1!

I did more than repackaging:

  • I did a strong revamp of shaders to fix syntax issues and to update to the more efficient syntax.
  • I also fixed all the texture paths in models (editing 3ds files the hexadecimal way 😎️) and then dropped all the workarounds for them, especially the workarounds that were done for older buggy versions of q3map2 that were not looking for absolute texture paths when model had relative one.
  • I noticed almost all walls/ceiling/floors materials were disabling culling, meaning every non-visible side of the map had lightmap computed for them -and rendered in game, this is now fixed.
  • I added proper metadata files (levelshot, arena file…).
  • The default bases were redone to be ready for bots (have armoury, medipad, drill, leech by default).
  • I moved and oriented properly the intermission cameras.
  • Flying objects are not flying anymore.
  • Lightmap is applied on blood splat.
  • The map now uses standard common materials.

The dpk is huge, 48MB, but that's in fact the demonstration of how Urcheon is powerful at producing optimized dpk maps, since the original one was weighting 114MB! This is specially impressive since there now more data in the repackaged map dpk: 4K levelshot, deluxe map for every light map, etc.

The repackaged dpk can be found there:

The repository is there:

I already noticed various things that should be fixed:

  • Doors only clip weapons one way (lol), major gameplay issue 😱️.
  • Goldfish eye may have to not be culled, very minor texturing issue 😅️.
  • Some blood textures may be applied in better ways, as some of them look to be suddenly cut down in a unrealistic way.
  • Many lights are just point lights without any visible source, it would be better to have light-emitting shaders instead.

So please host the map and play it and make any comment about issues you find, and if you have suggestions for fixing the door one-sided clipping issue, please share your thoughts!

This comment is licensed under cc ​​by 4 and antecedent. The Crunch tool is awesome!

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