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Development Game [ 2014-03-23 ]

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Development Game [ 2014-03-23 ]

Postby Viech » Mon Mar 24, 2014 5:11 pm UTC



What has been tested?

  • Forlorn Alpha 6
  • Simplification/cleanup of marking and deconstructing
  • Human telenode doesn't use power
  • Human buildable status display shows total power and the buildable's threshold
  • Booster healing effect


Individual Matches




Average over the last 55 matches (2014-01-18 to 2014-03-23)



Forlorn is already fun to fight on, the strength of base locations needs to be tweaked though. EmperorJack now has enough input for the next Alpha.

What's next?

Viech wrote:NaCl is going into a release soon, so we'll postpone bigger scale gamelogic changes. After that we'll be pushing to get the rocket pod ingame, potentially with a placeholder model. As soon as there's a variance of humann defense structures to begin with, we will try to diversify alien attacks.
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