Peertube server for tutorials and recordred games

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Peertube server for tutorials and recordred games

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I set a Peertube server for tutorials and recorded games.

You can register but you should know that:
- This server can't send mails to and
- This server is in Yunohost VPS, and I not yet know why email are sent from webmaster. May be this will block mails.
- You can use a very strong and long password. KeepassX is a great tool for password.

Because on Peertube it's not yet possible to have several people on the same channel, you can create your own channel, and ask later to admin to move video on the mains channels like tutorials and recorded game.

If there is too many people uploading video, the Peertube can block the upload... at the end... (I know, it's a frustrating)


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