Dump of Tremulous maps formerly linked by betaserv.tk

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Dump of Tremulous maps formerly linked by betaserv.tk

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betaserv.tk was a site listing download links for Tremulous maps. It didn't hosted them but instead provided links from various places people used to serve the maps. It was useful as a large centralized directory. As far as I understood the website was basically crawling some servers known to host Tremulous maps and provided links to them. The website also listed some metadata (name, levelshot)…

Recently the website went down, cutting off the access to the list of map download links.

Hopefully I had a dump from some months before the shutdown as I wrote a script years ago to crawl betaserv.tk and download linked maps.

I only ran the script by hand so I missed some maps at the time of the shutdown but using the web archive, I downloaded from the links from the archive lists what was listed up to December of 2021.

Here is the reconstructed list of links I used. The betaserv.tk website was also linking some old Unvanquished pk3 that were not meant for Tremulous (and most of them being not compatible with), so I moved those I recognized there which is pretty useless since it's basically a copy of dl.unvanquished.net/pkg and dl.unvanquished.net/main but this way the list of Tremulous pk3 has less false positives.

So the list of pk3 is there (there may be mods too): users.unvanquished.net/~illwieckz/dump/betaserv.tk

This may be useful to port maps to Unvanquished.

This comment is licensed under cc ​​by 4 and antecedent. The Crunch tool is awesome!

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