We removed underscores from forum usernames

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We removed underscores from forum usernames

Post by illwieckz »

:announce: We have removed underscores from user names.

If you have trouble to log in and your username featured an underscore, please retry without underscore.

If you login to the forum with an user name containing an underscore you'll be unable to read the wiki while logged in.

The reason why we removed underscores is that even if our forum software allows underscores in usernames, the forum accounts are shared with our wiki and our wiki software doesn't allow underscores. We also forbid to use underscore in newer usernames while registering to the forum to prevent the problem to re-happen again.

Usernames that were renamed:
  • :check: @alexbo (alex_bo)
  • :check: @ALiensHUmans (ALiens_HUmans)
  • :check: @AngeryZombie (Angery_Zombie)
  • :check: @bladeblaze (blade_blaze)
  • :check: @BobVador (Bob_Vador)
  • :check: @BRK44 (BRK_44)
  • :check: @carrionkit (carrion_kit)
  • :check: @clement686 (clement_686)
  • :check: @comanderkeen23 (comander_keen23)
  • :check: @DoggieB (Doggie_B)
  • :check: @DukeForever (Duke_Forever)
  • :check: @Gunslinger201 (Gunslinger_201)
  • :check: @IceNote (Ice_Note)
  • :check: @LeGnou (Le_Gnou)
  • :check: @LordofTempest (Lord_of_Tempest)
  • :check: @MulekeTrairao (Muleke_Trairao)
  • :check: @vish99 (vish_99)
Usernames that were not renamed:
  • :cross: @Comet_ (“Comet” already exists, maybe a duplicate?)
  • :cross: @Epic_Dude (“epicdude” already exists, maybe a duplicate?)
  • :cross: @0z_ (“Oz” is too short)
For those who were not renamed, please tell us what to do. If the other existing account without underscore is an older duplicate, we may rename the old one to avoid the conflict while removing the underscore to your current account.

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