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This subforum is for stuff you stumble upon on the interwebs and feel it could be useful for Unvanquished. However, please don't let others do all the work for you. Every post should include:

  • Preview images, can be hotlinked from the source site. If not available please upload something so people can quickly hop in the discussion and don't need to download huge packages.

  • A download link to the resources.

  • The license provided by the author, if available (if not we'll mail the author).

  • Contact information of the author, if available.

  • Sources for the above (hyperlinks to all relevant sites, mail citations if you asked the author for license conditions).

If you feel this is too much effort for just pointing out a quick finding, be aware that someone would have to go and seek all this for you and in the average case find out that the resource was never available for use in the first place.

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