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Battlefield like Gameplay

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Battlefield like Gameplay

Postby Gireen » Sun Mar 18, 2012 7:36 am UTC

In the Hud and Scoreboard is a Counter with per example 500 Units for every Team
Both teams can see the counter of the enemy too.
Every time a Player dies the Counter of his Team go one Down.

On the Map are 5 or more Domination Points (like in Trem Domination Mod).
(Players can Capture them for there team and build a little base around it.)
The Teams got indestructible Bases with one of these Domination points in it.
With every Point a Team is holding the Counter of the Enemy's go a little bit Down every X minutes.

The first team whose count is zero loses.

-No time limit or Sudden Death needed.
-No Camping
-More Action

not so good:
-It is too Easy for Aliens
Against this every player could maybe get a minimum Credits/Evos to keep the balance. And maybe every Team starts with S3 or something that there are no fights naked Rifle vs Tyrant or Dretch vs Luci Bsuit
fear ma engrish :granger:

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