Having Trouble While Plyaing This Game

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Having Trouble While Plyaing This Game

Post by ToniCorkery »

I recently installed this game 'Unvanquished' on Windows 10 computer. But I am having a problem, after a few minutes of Gameplay, I received this error message "explorer.exe class not registered." I have no idea about this issue.

Then I searched on Google and came across this ( silicophilic.com/explorer-class-not-registered ) article. I am not sure if these methods might be helpful or not. Could anyone confirm?
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Re: Having Trouble While Plyaing This Game

Post by illwieckz »

Hi, if you get this bug it is very unlikely the problem is in our game but in your Windows configuration itself.

As seen on the page, all the proposed fixes are about fixing Windows itself.

Do you have more details about when it happened while playing? What was the game doing at this precise moment?

Note: I made the link non-clickable on purpose because I have not yet evaluated the website.

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