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Re: Gameplay explanations

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You are talking about this right?
Or at least its the source for the pdf.

All "historic" gamplay discussions can be found in ideas & suggestions

Viechs design document is probably the most "complete" text there is to this topic.
In the beginning we tryed to create some sort of "vision statement" witch was not so successful. :frown:
I still think that would be a good idea even if many gameplay changes already happened.

Creating a description of the game in a few versions with diffent levels of abstraction.
Starting with a basic description of the game like one would expect from wikipedia. To a detailed description of a game round in optimal conditions with as much "measurable" rules as possible. Like optimal game length, timeframes for different stages, strength comparison between single aliens and weapons etc.

A new approach to this could be to start with describing the current state of the game in this way and then propose changes to this "goal" like decreasing the average time of rounds. And then looking for ways to change the game to achieve this goal. Kind of like the gamplay issue tracker but with more ways to "measure" the effectiveness of changes.

fear ma engrish :granger:

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