res-sound repository: road to a legal sound set

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res-sound repository: road to a legal sound set

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so, I uploaded audio stuff from the old svn repository by mercenariesguild on this git repository:

It's a temporary place, if you need a better place, it's movable elsewhere.

It was the original and never finished attempt to replace all Tremulous 1.1 sound assets for 1.2 release, since 1.1 legal status was not clear.
I removed the now-useless sounds like the tesla ones, and checked author and license for each sample, deleting what was still unclear (for example a new medikit sound was proposed supplied but the author vanished without setting license for it).

I'm not very happy with many of the sounds themselves, they are not very good. I know having a legal sound set is an high priority, but it does not gives the right to have crappy sounds. The worst one are the granger ones, which is not tolerable since it's the most iconic character.

I started to write issues there:

Here is the list of missing sounds: ... d/issues/1
Missing sounds are critical issues.

Another issue is that many sounds are distributed under that very bad and retired CC Sampling Plus, this license is problematic because the as-is use of theses samples (i.e. if not mixed in a larger and more complex sound composition) is covered by a non-commercial clause which is not free, and this license is just crazy, meaning the asset use is free only if it's not distributed which is non-sense. In a game like Unvanquished, the samples are distributed and played as-is, meaning it falls under the non-commercial clause.

So there is, I think, 3 levels of priority, from lower to higher (each level includes the previous one):

  1. legal sound base (author and license clearly known)
  2. acceptable-sounding sound base
  3. free sound base (no -nc no -nd)

I think beta milestone is level 2.

It would be nice to get some kind of sound shader system, the first keyword I would dream of would be the simple “volume” keyword, meaning we can adjust the volume of sound effects without having to edit the files (and without excessively increasing repository size).

This comment is licensed under cc ​​by 4 and antecedent. The Crunch tool is awesome!

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