Male human non-vocal sounds

Sound and graphic effects.
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Male human non-vocal sounds

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We need the following sounds for the male human soldier. We need a second versions for all of those for when the player wears the battlesuit but we'll attempt to autogenerate them together with the female sounds.


  • When health is high. (≥2 versions)

  • When health is moderate. (≥2 versions)

  • When health is low. (≥2 versions)

  • When health is critical. (≥2 versions)

  • When the player dies. (≥3 versions)


  • Sprinting while stamina is high.

  • Sprinting while stamina is low.

  • Recovering from a sprint while stamina is still low.

  • Recovering from a sprint. (subtle)

Jumping (oral part only)

  • Jumping. (subtle; ≥1 versions)

  • Landing soft. (subtle; ≥1 versions)

  • Landing hard. (≥1 versions)

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