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[mod]Experimental Gameplay

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Re: [mod]Experimental Gameplay

Postby Gireen » Thu Feb 25, 2021 6:35 pm UTC

I think its more something for a smaller update after 0.52.

For once i am not sure if it is a good idea.
In games with low player count its definitive good but with more players a dedicated builder reduces the positive effects.
The process of waiting to continue building could also be needed for a positive build experience. ( sounds silly but waiting is also a game :bugeyes: ).
There is the problem with griefing or lack of communication. With the build queue a single builder can use up all available build points in a matter of seconds.
Then there are the miners witch, now even more easy spammed around the map, can turn into a Sisyphus work to destroy in late game.
And finally there is also the technical problem that the "growth" of buildings doesn't work anymore. The client calculates the growth based on the build time (when its placed) and the build time (how long construction takes) from the config. So at the moment growth is removed on Experimental with the build queue.

Regarding the theme of this topic, making the game more fun with less players. its still making bots better at the moment. :yawn:
In irc was mentioned to have some sort of PvE similar to the old training server.
I think that will probably be the best way to go having humans play against a team of bots or just along with two bot teams playing against each other.
With the different to now that bots would play a "normal" game as close to how it would work with humans.
Witch means building and basic tactics like camping (defending :smile: ) or cooperative attacks.
For something like that i think some kind of rts ai that manages a team would be useful.
Since its exactly what happens in other rts only games.
Base building, moving of units, resource management, expansion, attacking, defending etc
fear ma engrish :granger:

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