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Small issues

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Small issues

Postby BFG » Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:09 am UTC

I have played a lot of tremulous back in the day and tried unvanquished early on, but kinda forgot about it.
I just remembered this was a thing and was actually surprised that the development continued, so I downloaded it to see how it is, and it looks very good! And I found a few issues (I dont know if these are known issues or something only I am seeing, but im letting you know)

1- The play button on the installer does nothing. Very minor but it would be nice if it just worked =)
2- I can't change the color of my name, as the ^ key only open the console, and I cant copy paste it.
3- The first time I tried to join a server, the loading froze at 20%
4- The second time I tried to join a server, the scoreboard seems to be stuck on the screen, and I had to quit the game to get rid of it
5- When I fire any gun I get: Warn: no shader for surface 22 in skin models/players/human_naked/body_default.skin
6- I dont know if it's not done yet, but the SMG has no reloading sound
7- Alien buildings have a HUGE performance hit, even through walls. Depending on where Im looking, my FPS goes from 65 to 18ish

Anyway, this is looking great! Too bad not many people are playing it.
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Re: Small issues

Postby cu-kai » Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:36 pm UTC

I can't comment on everything, but,
2- what keyboard layout are you using?
4- just press "tab" and it should disappear
6- there is no reload sound just yet
7- try turning your graphics settings down a bit, what graphics card do you have?
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