Slot system (inventory reform)

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Re: Slot system (inventory reform)

Postby Viech » Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:27 pm UTC

I was speaking about showing it both on the HUD (small version with hot keys) and on the buy screen. Khaoz posted a concept on IRC today. The interface design is really up to you, I just want you to know that the backend I have in mind is a Diablo like slot system or in other words a streamlined version of the equipment limits of Tremulous (which precisely resemble a slot system – it just doesn't get communicated too well). Each item would fit into one or more predefined slots and a slot can only be occupied by one item. However, I would like to emphasize this system by making sure that there are multiple options available for each slot (e.g. having a small construction kit or a stronger handgun in the blaster slot, choosing between different types of grenades, choosing between helmet and gas mask, etc). This would certainly need some form of visualization so the player knows intuitively why it isn't possible to wield two grenades or both a pistol and a small construction kit at the same time. Tremulous was lacking this kind of information on both HUD and buy menu.
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Re: Slot system (inventory reform)

Postby janev » Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:18 pm UTC

How about a little dude in a corner of the hud that mirrors the player. It shows his equipment and his hit points. When you buy some armor the dude changes to reflect that. When you get a chaingun so does the dude.

When purchasing equipment the game could throw up a menu with equipment slots much like diablo/baldurs gate inventory. You could number the slots from 1 to whatever and have the list of items you can buy fall under numbered headers.

For selecting items for your inventory you could use the same numbered slot keys....
Slot 1 primary weapon
Slot 2 secondary weapon
Slot 3 miscellaneous items (grenades, extra medkits, etc)

Naturally the slots for the armor and accessories like battery packs would not be activated by the player unless they have some special abilities tied to them.

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