Idea: Heroic Badges

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Idea: Heroic Badges

Postby lamefun » Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:51 pm UTC

One of this game's problems is this:

- Killing enemies = money and momentum.
- Killing enemy structures = no money, just momentum.

No wonder why people camp. Here's my proposal:

Every time you kill e.g. 32 BP worth of stuff, you're awared a heroic badge. You can then go to an armory or the overmind to take a badge of your choosing.

A badge gives you an extremely powerful one time use ability. Once you use the ability, the badge disintegrates and you have to earn yourself a new one.

Here are some example abilities that could be added:

Human badges

- Thunder Charge - the human becomes surrounded with a shroud electricity and charges forward with a frightening speed (like a tyrant but much faster). When the human hits a player, a structure or a wall, the target receives an enormous amount of damage and the human loses some health as well. In addition to that, everything within a certain distance from the impact that is not protected by a solid wall is temporarily paralyzed (including alien defenses and other humans). If the human jumps, he/she flies up like a rocket (this can be used to attack structures on the ceiling).

- Beserker's Rage - the human temporarily loses the ability to use normal weapons and instead fights with his/her fists. The human's punching power, speed and jump height are also significantly increased, and, while the ability is active, the human's health will be able to go down to -200 without the human dying.

Alien badges

- Ethereal Maw - when the ability activated, thick white smoke starts to come out of the alien's mouth. If an alien's melee attack does not hit anything, a ghostly maw will shoot out of its mouth and will deal damage if it hits something. This ability gets weaker over time until it finally deactivates.

- Infernal Chains - chains every human within the line of sight to the floor. The human should still be able to move within a small radius of his/her initial location and aim.
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Re: Idea: Heroic Badges

Postby illwieckz » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:57 pm UTC

It would be awesome for a 2D version (horizontal scroller) of this game! :bsuit:
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