Idea: mini-games for grangers!

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Idea: mini-games for grangers!

Postby lamefun » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:30 pm UTC

Being a granger is daunting. The build times are atrocious, and because the wall-walking form only becomes available at like ten minutes into the game, grangers have to work almost twice as hard compared to human builders, who don't have to move their entire base to the ceiling to protect it from grenades! Even worse, if you evolve, you can't go back without wasting your hard-earned morph points! About the only thing a granger can entertain itself with while building: attacking eggs! Eggs make funny sounds and play funny animations when hit! But, of course, attacking your own base is not a good idea...

So here's my idea for the new egg model: make it so that eggs provide a mini-game for grangers! The point of the mini-game should be keeping the Overmind happy.

Make so that, when hit by a granger, an egg releases a long stalk with a small sweet at the end of it instead of being damaged. The stalk should wiggle around to make it more difficult for the granger to grab the sweet. The granger should then be able to place it into one of the Overmind's mouth to feed it (the feeding process should be animated for maximum granger satisfaction). The Overmind should then thank the granger: "The Overmind is thankful for your offering!" and its happiness stat should increase.

Similarly, barricades could form their branches into puzzles for grangers to solve and give sweets as the reward, hives could play hide-and-seek games by having the bees hide sweets somewhere in the base, grangers could ask clusters of acid tubes to play the classic game of repeat the sequence with them, the possibilities are endless.

A happy Overmind should influence the aliens' luck in subtle ways: turning almost-hits into hits, almost-kills into kills, reducing damage taken, etc. Each time the luck is influenced, the happiness stat should go down (it should not be able to go negative though), so that grangers have to keep feeding the Overmind sweets to keep it up.
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Re: Idea: mini-games for grangers!

Postby Tom » Sat Mar 05, 2016 4:54 pm UTC

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Re: Idea: mini-games for grangers!

Postby kharnov » Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:01 pm UTC


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