Leechers/Drills additional feature

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Leechers/Drills additional feature

Postby ViruS » Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:24 am UTC

This feature will promote expanding and rushing the enemy base, while the crippled will suffer more. It's actually a little based off NS2's extractor/havester concept honestly.

I was thinking instead of handing out 2 morph points/180 credits every two minutes, perhaps it would be better for every drill/leecher there is, each player on the team would earn 0.1 morph point / 9 credits every 10 seconds, divided by the number of players on that team.
For example, a team of 6 players that has 6 drills will earn 1 morph point every minute.

This will also help new players actually have a bit of fun, since they generally join the winning team and feed in tremulous anyway.

However an overmind/reactor should also count as a drill/leecher to prevent the case where for example an egg is inaccessible without a jetpack and the dretch feed isn't enough to stage up the humans and allow the aliens to actually build a leech after their leeches are all destroyed (I spend 30 minutes running around the map with no build points and only an egg and overmind, dealing insignificant damage to the human's base because the human couldn't find my egg and I eventually won because I died so rarely that his momentum downstaged his armour and made him easy to kill, making it a "camper vs predator" type situation). But of course it wasn't easy since his base was spammed with rocket pods.

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