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Remove trappers

Postby lamefun » Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:57 pm UTC

Please remove trappers and re-purpose the model for something else. The only thing trappers will ever encourage is camping.
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Re: Remove trappers

Postby Comet_ » Tue May 05, 2015 10:08 am UTC

I agree with your argument but not your conclusion.

Unvanquished, being the RTS-FPS, that it is requires both parts RTS and FPS be resolved in a fun and engaging way. Many RTS elements - for example building/base fortification- can encourage camping however the game should also be structured around the FPS and base destruction elements; hindering those who only camp and those who only attack.

I believe the trapper is an invaluable weapon in the arsenal of the Granger because the humans are capable of better base destruction on a faster and wider scale than the alien team is. The ability for the alien team to slow (acid tube creep) and stun (trapper/barricade) rampaging bsuits and jetsaws ensures that the aliens can respond in time. How many times have you left base for a few seconds and a saw sneaks in and in a matter of 3 seconds the OM is dead and he's working on the eggs like he does it for a living?

However, this does bring up the point: Should base structures be too strong? In my opinion, there should be no one size fits all base structure, and I would strongly encourage the devs on practicing that thought. Just how one plan of attack doesn't work all the time, a plan of defense shouldn't work all the time either they should be strong by the power of the unknown. My suggestion would be limiting BP further and buffing damages on defenses for Aliens specifically, as humans are currently pretty hindered by the AI of their rets. Has this been tried? Is there another path of encouraging this I may not be seeing?

(Sorry for reviving a dead thread but reading it got me thinking about the questions asked in the 3rd paragraph.)

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