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Development Game [ 2014-08-24 ]

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Development Game [ 2014-08-24 ]

Postby Viech » Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:13 pm UTC

Six matches were played over a period of two hours, some of them fairly intense.




What has been tested?

Some changes to beacons that aim to make them less annoying, especially in combat situations.


Individual Matches


Average over 6 matches


Average over the last 120 matches (analyzed games since 2014-01-18)



Beacons appeared much less obstrusive or noisy, tagging structures lacks a visualization though.

What's next?

My personal plan for beacons:

  • Add back some sort of subtle visualization for tagging structures.
  • Remove tagging of players. Make human radar and alien sense use beacons instead of their old mechanics in some manner.
  • Make beacons of tagged enemy structures persistent. Only remove them if the structure was removed and this is confirmed by a player of the opposing team.
  • In combination with the former, use the beacons for (enemy) structures for the base clustering (base/forward icon) system insead of the structures itself. That way a base move can't be detected by watching the movement of the base beacon.
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