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Development Game [ 2014-04-06 ]

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Development Game [ 2014-04-06 ]

Postby Viech » Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:50 am UTC

The release went so smooth that we had quite a dev game with developers participating that would usually fix bugs until late night. Hope this becomes the routine! :smile:



What has been tested?

  • Turret health and price changes
  • Assist message upgrade
  • Forlorn Alpha 7


Individual Matches




Average over the last 65 matches (since 2014-01-18)



Assist messages were less spammy but appeared to contain errors or confusing statements.

Aliens not only lost their dominance over match victories that they had in the last two series but it seems like humans had the general advantage throughout the game. So apparently the turret changes did have an effect. From my own experience, sniping successfully with a goon requires more skill and is more dangerous now, which on its own seems like a good thing. On the other hand, matches lastest quite long this time and in one case lead to a draw. In addition, some people voiced that playing aliens in early game was frustrating to them, which is backed by the human's momentum advantage.
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