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EU/NA Development Game [ 2014-01-26 ]

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EU/NA Development Game [ 2014-01-26 ]

Postby Viech » Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:43 am UTC

Player peak recovered from last week, matches were fun and close, way to go! I sneaked in a very quick implementation of a replacement class for the Basilisk, named Mantis. It is faster, hits slightly harder and instead of a grab, it has a certain type of pounce/dash some of you might remember from my experiments with the Dretch.

What has been tested?

(Relevant commits since last week. Newest on top.)

  • Mantis health 50 → 75. Wallpounce cooldown 750 → 1000. (Changed after first match.)
  • Remove (Advanced) Basilisk and Advanced Dretch. Add a basic implementation of Mantis.
  • Set initial buildable health to 25%.
  • Half human build delay timer.
  • Make light armour available from the start.
  • Remove alien group healing.
  • Remove basic income.
  • Refuel jetpack at armoury when a second worth of fuel is missing, regardless of jetpack state.
  • Only refill ammo/fuel at powered structures.

Apart from that, there was a match on the new version of Perseus, but unfortunately I didn't vote it in time for the player peak because I was looking at yocto version numbers. Turned out to be only a 3on3. And then I also screwed up the building. Shame on me.


Individual Matches




I'm happy with the general direction of the Mantis, even though it still is a rather rough class, lacking additional defining elements.

Multibuild can change the game significantly, we need more time to have a look at all implications. I feel this shouldn't be available to humans only as it's a very significant feature. The current build delay timer modifier of 0.5 might have been a bit too extreme (or maybe just right, implying the game could be going in a whole new direction). If we stick to means of fast building like this we'll certainly need to put more effort into preventing newbes from wasting a team's BP.

What's next?

The Mantis demands more character. It shouldn't remain a mere crossover between Dretch and Marauder. Even though Ishq suspects OP-ness, I feel loading the default attack with a slowth and/or stamina drain might finally fill the 2 evos gap with a viable class that remains flexible and useful during midgame. The pounce needs to be improved for usage on uneven ground. (The off-ground pounce, which has varying speed but a fixed length for angles between 15° and 45°, doesn't yet take the ground normal into consideration.)
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