Simple example of Native Client and ANGLE

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Simple example of Native Client and ANGLE

Postby kung foo man » Wed Oct 14, 2015 7:02 pm UTC

Hey all,

in the last days I'm very interested about the possibilities of PNaCl and ANGLE and I think it would be awesome to make mods, which basically could change the whole look and feel of the engine by putting the graphics engine itself into the client sandbox (e.g. modders could simply add extensions like Inverse Kinematics to the skeletal system and every player just could download it). Though I don't quite know yet how to learn all this, so I was looking for some "simple" example projects.

The only example using PNaCl and ANGLE seems to be Chrome/Chromium itself but I can't get that monster of source code to build yet to play with it.

Does anyone maybe knows some smaller example projects?

The best explanations I found into this topic so far: ... D-graphics ... and-buffer

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