Idea: Poltergeists

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Idea: Poltergeists

Postby lamefun » Wed Sep 30, 2015 8:49 am UTC

This idea will make Unvanquished an intelligently self-balancing game. Let me explain.

By playing as a human or an alien you gain poltergeist tokens which are preserved between game sessions (by means of user accounts or RSA keys).

You can pay poltergeist tokens to join the game as a poltergeist instead of a human or an alien. If you die as a poltergeist, you have to pay more tokens to respawn.

Your goal as a poltergeist is to ensure that both teams suffer as many losses as possible.

Poltergeist can not damage players or structures directly, but they can, for example, pickpocket players of one team and give the stolen credits to their opponents, mimic players (just like TF2 spy), deal placebo damage, etc.

If the game ends with one team winning or admitting defeat, by a draw vote or by a map change vote (as opposed to ending by reaching the time limit or having all players quit), you get a reward according to the losses of the team which lost the least, in the form of temporary bonuses that you will get when you play as a human or an alien later on.

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