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Unvanquished 3v3 Tournment

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 5:26 am UTC
by Derek

The first of it's kind, The Unvanquished 3v3 Tournament - this tournament is a 3v3 DE styled game, meaning each team has 3 players and you must loose two times to be disqualified.

To Register: either go here: - register a new team then it should say your team is registered check the standings and click on your team, in the settings of your team you can select who is in your team. | Make sure you do

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in the server

Alternatively you could just do

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in the server and respond to this post (Not, recommended as it is harder to manage)


Q: When is the Tournament?
A: On March 28th, or earlier

Q: What is it a Best of
A: The Tournament is a BO3 - Alien V Human and switches

More to be added