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Tactic bonus in maps

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:08 am UTC
by d7bh

Hiii again :D,
Imagine you are dretch and if you are lurking somewhere on ceiling between cables you could get electric shock bonus
that will stun victim for few seconds. This will cost you health per second until you hit someone.
This will make some good strategic positions for aliens and reason to move base.

Also there could be some defence computers over map for humans. :defcomp: or
unique control computer that will add:

  • rotation speed to turrets
  • small stun (0,8s?) to teslas
  • making all turrets hit one target or hit most dangerous targets.
    I hear so many beeping computers in Tremulous it should get more attention :D.
    Maybe something that will make humans move base in stage 3.