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Wanted to say I enjoy the game. *With story*

Talk about anything related to Unvanquished.
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Wanted to say I enjoy the game. *With story*

Postby Sparkmatic » Tue Aug 11, 2020 6:10 am UTC

I had the itch to Play Tremulous and I found this game and I want to say I enjoyed it and I hope the development continues I'm trying to get some friends playing.

Anyways, I found this game. I started playing it I found a server with only bots so I joined the humans and hunker down for the continuous onslaught of alien bots, between blowing up machine gun turrets and building turrets a kind soul joined me in the cause. For 2 games we pushed back the horde of digital monsters. With one draw and one victory. It was really fun

Thanks for the fun gperson

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Re: Wanted to say I enjoy the game. *With story*

Postby illwieckz » Tue Aug 18, 2020 10:58 am UTC

Hi @Sparkmatic and welcome! I'm glad you got some good time with the game! :smile:

Don't hesitate to join our channels (we have both IRC and discord and they are bridged together), a bot announces games when other people plays.
Everything required to join can be found there: https://unvanquished.net/chat/

See you soon ! :bsuit:
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