Humans are way OP

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Humans are way OP

Postby constatinus » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:33 pm UTC

MG turrets acctually do *something* (3 of them can prevent a maraurder from coming), acid tubes don't. They require assistance from the aliens because humans can shoot them from range and they cannot do the opposite. They are not so much ranged. Useless if you place them in a corner that is impossible to find on most maps. 6 mgs can kill a tyrant easily, but a human with a flamethrower can kill up to 10 acid tubes/ spikers / 3 hives and even come out alive! Speaking of hives, they don't chase the enemy for too long.. Also, when fighting a human, it's hard to kill them even if it's a bot especialy with them moving left and right. It would make much more sense to just "swipe" and to the attack, not point and click and hope that he didn't move away. Also, shotgun is very OP. It is a close range weapon, and considering that aliens are also close range and if you move left-right- they won't hit you at all but if you fire about 4/3 direct shots with a shotgun you will pretty much kill them. Is there any way to balance this out?
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Re: Humans are way OP

Postby GORE » Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:36 am UTC

First rule: Never morph into Tyrant. Even developers know that because the unit is broken and has been many years and they seem to not know how to fix it.
If you think your Alien team having control of the game and wants to end the game, think again. Humans start camping and builds mass turrets on top of that so expect 20-30min longer game. At this time I just quit game because its too annoying.

Game is boring and devs keep promising that gameplay will be fixed.
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Re: Humans are way OP

Postby Viech » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:45 pm UTC

We didn't promise anything like that, because the gameplay is not as broken as both of you suggest. We have played tournaments and lots of development games since we diverged from the somewhat balanced Tremulous and balance was always fine for an in-development game. I suspect aliens are simply much harder to learn because prior shooter experience only benefits the human side, and right now there are not enough matches and more experienced players to learn from. I would agree that the Tyrant needs a rework (it was never really useful in attacking bases while it should be) and that aliens could use more anti-buildable area of effect attacks to punish tight clusters in general. The fact that aliens need to actively defend their base while the human base can defend itself is actually a necessity to balance the alien's ridiculously high mobility and map control.
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