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Alien Bot

Post any feedback you have about the game here.
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Alien Bot

Postby ice00 » Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:54 pm UTC


as I did not find humans to play with, I try with servers with bots and with Tremulous maps that I know very well.

Play as alien with bots means that you are playing almost 1 vs 6 as alien bot are essentially good only to feed humans.

I find that humans bots repairs their base, add new structures and most notably I find they move their base in a more secure area, like true live players should do :thumbup:

Instead alien bots born always as Dretch and no new structures are built, so you have to play 99% of times as Granger, because if you attach, you have humans bot that destroy your base as you are 3 vs 1.

What the other alien bots do in that time? I see that if you build eggs in area that are more cover (like real player do in a game), then at 99% the bots will move at a area of 1m^2 around that eggs. :thumbdown:
They have the enemy under them that fire an eggs and they continue to go forward and backward instead of attach.

I find my self to kill some of them hoping they born as Dretch and before evolve they go to attach.

In all the cases I find a point in a game that you are alive as Granger and cannot add an egg even if Overmind is up and no eggs are remaining (this is probably your Sudden Death implementation of build point).

So, in my opinion the power/strategy of and human bot is 100 times better that alien bot and playing with alien is frustrating. At least it should be implemented that sometimes a bot born as Granger and eggs spam if is left only 1 egg. And else that if a alien bot stays in an area for more that 10 seconds it is forced to move (even in a random direction) for 5 seconds and then apply the AI algorithm again so it goes away from that camping situation.

In real game I see many camping humans but no one camping alien as alien always attack.


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