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Re: Tremulous Classic community map pack

Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2023 5:55 am UTC
by illwieckz

⚠️ Update ⚠️

So, I finally released my updates on Tremulous packages, including the res-tremulous one and the Tremulous stock maps.


I will probably miss a lot of what was done but:

About res-tremulous:

  • I fixed some mistakes making some images missing.
  • Images are deduplicated using in-dpk symlink, for better compatibility with legacy maps than material-based deduplication.
  • Now sound files and models are now deduplicated thanks to in-dpk symlinks.
  • I hope warnings about legacy doom3 keyword usage are gone.
  • The zap used in nova map is included.

About maps:

Now those maps are built from source, as I finally put my hand on the sources of them (with the help of Ingar!): niveus, nexus6, uncreation.

It means they now feature lightmaps built with the best options currently known.

In addition to that, the nexus6 map features some fixes like some overlapping textures being corrected, the weapon projectiles are now clipped by the glass window in human base, and the ground grate next to alien base doesn't let pass grenades (and other weapon projectiles) anymore.

The door bug in uncreation should be fixed.

The sound bug in niveus is not fixed as the bug lies in some Unvanquished asset (as we imported the sound from there), as usual that sound has to be turned into mono. Maybe none noticed the bug because this sound is only played in a small area so that's not that annoying. When we will fix that on Unvanquished side it will automatically fix that sound in niveus.

The arachnid2, atcshd and tremor maps were already built from source before, but now:

  • arachnid2 got some lighting touchup for more dark ambience in some areas, also some map trick is used to avoid reaching pure black so there is no bad looking dark lightmaps. The “geometry behind skybox” bug is less visible.
  • tremor now gets lightmaps on its crate models.

The transit maps and karith ones are not modified, as we don't have source for them. Anyway, they were rebuilt with latest tools and compression tricks. In fact we have some transit source but it's from a version older than Tremulous 1.1.0 so if we want to rebuild it, a mapper has to reimplement the changes.

The karith and niveus maps now benefit from multitextured soda-machine textures (normal map, height map, glow map…)

I have some work-in-progress repositories that rebuilds, fixes or simply optimizes the “gentrified maps”, the maps that were initially distributed with early versions of Unvanquished (like Citadel, Veddak, Wrecktify, Eden, Methane, etc.) but that would be for another day.

I have not included any navcon, because well, it appears I update those dpk very slowly and unlike Unvanquished stock maps, they are not guaranteed to be up-to-date on every Unvanquished release.

Something that is not fixed are the default Tremulous weapon paths, because they would break the game otherwise.

Re: Tremulous Classic community map pack

Posted: Mon May 01, 2023 7:56 pm UTC
by illwieckz

⚠️ Update ⚠️

Some updates on Tremulous packages.


  • res-tremulous:
    • Some materials were updated, especially a non-solid one being copied as solid to be used by Tremor.
  • map-tremor:
    • Replace a non-solid grate material by a solid one.
    • More nobuild brushes.
    • Fixes the visible back of a lamp to not be transparent.
    • Improved ability to wallwalk to escape the basement.
  • map-nexus6:
    • Remove a broken light flare entity without texture and stucked in a wall.