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We've got a not-self-signed SSL certificate!

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We've got a not-self-signed SSL certificate!

Postby Anomalous » Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:59 am UTC

Yes, it's true! There are still a few rough edges, so expect a few warnings from your browser for the moment. But, still, no self-signed certificate!

We took advantage of (plug alert) GlobalSign's open-source SSL certificate offer which remains open to us unless we do something silly like go commercial – there are some conditions which we must meet. (Note that We have nothing to do with them other than this certificate.)

At the moment, I think that we can do a little better with our site: there are a few things which we need to fix (at the time of writing) – if you fetched this page over HTTPS, your browser will have told you about one of them.

(Well. We say no self-signed certificate, but we still have it. It's only used on unvnet.net now.)

Click here to read this article on the main site!
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