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Release your maps and discuss them, from alphas to finished releases.
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Postby Pevel » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:17 pm UTC

Since it's included in this release, Perseus deserves its own feedback thread. Post your observations, suggestions, bugs.

Obligatory fancy screenshot

Download Beta b4d (current)


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beta 4d

- color grading;
- reverb effect;
- navmeshes;
- textures converted to webp;

beta 4c

- bug fixes;

beta 4b

- removed Water Tank Vent;
- assets clean-up;

beta 4a (first Unvanquished release)

- retexturing to make full use of normal and specular maps;
- changed lighting from entities to shader-based;
- increased overall lighting intensity to make the map playable on 1.3 gamma;
- added global color grading;
- rearranged brush structure to reduce tris count and lightmaps size;
- temporary removal of old sounds and models;

beta 3

- reduced Cell Block size slightly;
- disappearing doors fix (Cell Block Stairs);
- further design improvements (mainly Canteen, Cell Block, Cooling,
  Water Tank Stairs);
- increased overall light values;
- fixed sounds (openAL stereo issue): crusher.wav and scream.wav;
- added more playerclip and non-solid details

beta 2

- changed location names (major changes: Human Base->Water Tank,
  Alien Base->Waste Disposal);
- added new vent, a connection between Cell Block Top and Communications;
- shortened slightly Yellow Corridor path;
- widened corridor between Water Tank and Canteen;
- changed Communications Vent;
- split Water Tank room into two parts;
- added another 'ramp' in Cell Block Bottom;
- increased light values in whole map;
- applied nobuild brush to door entrances;
- removed nohumanbuild brush from Water Tank Vent;
- fixed Z-fighting in Gas Leak;
- fixed missing textures (Waste Disposal);
- fixed Cell Block Bottom door;
- rearranged human and alien default base layouts;
- added crusher sound;
- improved design (mostly Canteen, Communications, Water Tank)

beta 1

-first public release

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