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Tech Textures

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:22 am UTC
by kharnov


These are CC-BY-NC-ND. However, I managed to get the ND clause partially lifted for us by emailing the creator of this set. You may modify the textures where appropriate to use on your maps. This includes color changes and adding rust or scratch marks. I feel these textures are high quality and useful for our purposes. Please tell me if you end up using these textures, the author would love to see screenshots of his work in practice.


I am one of the project leads from the Unvanquished project. Our game is a free, open-source strategy shooter set in a futuristic setting, with humans facing off against aliens. The project has been going strong for more than two years now, and our website can be found here:

Recently, I came across the texture pack listed on your website, and I feel that it would be a very good set for our mappers to use. The textures look great, and they have the specular and normal maps that we need. Before we can use them, however, we'd just like to clarify a few things. First, would it be permissible for us to package your textures (with appropriate crediting), and is there anything else we should know about that? Also, would it be acceptable to perform minor adjustments to the textures when appropriate, like slight color alterations? Permission to add further modifications, like hints of rust or scratches, would also be desirable.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hi there,

I am more than happy for you to use my textures. Adjustments where required are ok by me they were initally thrown together to be coloured as each user needed. Adding and/or subtracing from the textures is also fine. The same applies to the few models included if you wish to use those too.
As long as you credit me a link back to my site is preferable if you do go ahead and decide to use them I'll happily link to your site too. If you do go ahead and use them please credit as one of the following; 'Scott Coxhead' or 'Scott "Cr4zy" Coxhead'.

I figure you are only on about the tech texture pack, if you do wish to use anything from the cloud textures I put together, do be aware they also have other licences which are linked/listed in the readme if i remember rightly.

Thanks for getting in touch and good luck with the project!

Scott "Cr4zy" Coxhead

Re: Tech Textures

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 5:42 am UTC
by Supertanker

Very nice.

I generated a set of shaders for these textures. I don't have the bandwidth to upload the full pk3 (textures + shaders) right now. However, here's what I have. I'll do more work on this in the future. Put the .tga files in textures/cr4zy for now. I'll have a .pk3 eventually.

Note that there is a glass texture, as well as several other textures that are cleverly bundled into a single file by using the RGB channels for different information. I haven't gotten around to working on these yet.

Consider it a WIP.

Here's the shader:

Code: Select all

//       Textures by cr4zy
//       CC-BY-NC-ND
//       With special exemption for Unvanquished (thanks, cr4zy!)
//       Shaders by Supertanker

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_AirVent01_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_AirVent01_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_AirVent01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_AirVent01_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_BlackMetal_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_BlackMetal_D.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_BlackMetal_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Ceiling_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Ceiling_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Ceiling_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Ceiling_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_CrateTrim_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_CrateTrim_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_CrateTrim_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_CrateTrim_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01a_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01a_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01b_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01b_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01c_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01c_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile01_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile02_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile02_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile02_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_FloorTile02_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Leaking_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Leaking_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Leaking_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Leaking_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection01_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection01_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection01_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection02_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection02_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection02_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Reflection02_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_SimpleVent_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_SimpleVent_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_SimpleVent_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_SimpleVent_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Trim01_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim01_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim01_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Trim02_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim02_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim02_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim02_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Trim03_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim03_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim03_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim03_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Trim04_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim04_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim04_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim04_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Trim05_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim05_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim05_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim05_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Trim06_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim06_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim06_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Trim06_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01a_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01a_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01a_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01b_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01b_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01b_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall01b_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall02e_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall02e_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall02_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall02_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall03e_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall03e_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall03_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall03_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall04_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall04_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall04_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall04_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall05_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall05_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall05_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall05_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall06_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall06_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall06_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall06_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall07_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall07_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall07_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall07_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08a_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08a_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08a_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08a_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08b_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08b_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08b_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08b_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08c_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08c_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08c_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_Wall08c_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak01_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak01_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak01_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak01_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak02_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak02_D.tga
	bumpmap textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak02_N.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_WallBreak02_S.tga

	qer_editorimage textures/cr4zy/C_WhiteMetal_D.tga
	diffusemap textures/cr4zy/C_WhiteMetal_D.tga
	specularmap textures/cr4zy/C_WhiteMetal_S.tga

And here's a screenshot:

Re: Tech Textures

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 6:15 pm UTC
by Viech

Wow, looking very good! I'll add those as an official texture pak, my deadline is Alpha 24 26.