Development Game [ 2013-11-10 ]

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Development Game [ 2013-11-10 ]

Postby Viech » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:10 pm UTC

What has been tested?

New jetpack and human armor, both redesigned from scratch. Changes to knockback and stamina. Generic base attack warnings for both teams. Snowstation Beta 2.


Individual Matches



Average of the last four development games



People seem to like the new etpack. Human armor needs fine tuning, especially the light armor which might be a tad too light for its price. Players will need to learn that the base attack warnings now matter as they are issued when a structure dies (we should maybe reword the default warning). Snowstation was a lot of fun!

Bugs that were found:

  • Whether you move sideways while in the air with the jetpack has an impact on how fast your stamina regenerates.
  • If sprint is in toggle mode, it will stop when you jump.
  • Fire spots miss a shader for the flames (it used an asset shipped with the map citadel which has been removed).

Request for feedback

Keep your eyes open for any bug related to jetpack handling.

What's next?

The alien perk system, some simplifications to refilling ammo (and fuel) at the Armoury/Repeater. Maybe I'll play around with the Lasgun and try to make it a continuous beam weapon. Whatever comes to my mind.
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