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Gameplay Roadmap - 6.1.3 Suicide class

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Gameplay Roadmap - 6.1.3 Suicide class

Postby Viech » Mon Aug 19, 2013 3:37 pm UTC

6.1.3 Suicide class wrote:A suicide class was an often requested feature. Looking at the way how players use the human grenade in kamikaze manner, it seems like such an ability could be a lot of fun for the aliens, too. While we shouldn't promote mindless attacks that convert personal credits into reliable damage, we can still have this ability if it's either expensive and comes with a risk of not hitting its target (similiar to the grenade) or has a low intensity that limits it to a support attack (less fun but easier to balance).

Ishq wrote:I have some interesting ideas how it can be implemented in a way that doesn't give a guaranteed damage target for specific number of evos. One idea is that suicide classes do variable damage based on the time they have to blow themselves up. Suicide classes have a fuse of perhaps three seconds where the damage will increase by some function of time. The fuse cannot be canceled and if they are killed after the fuse goes off, but before three seconds are reached, they do the damage granted by that function of time. If they are killed without having tripped their fuse, they just die like a normal alien. This way, the humans have a chance of killing it before it blows them up, and there is no guaranteed amount of damage.
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