Credits/Evos sharing and donation

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Credits/Evos sharing and donation

Post by Crepe »

I think it'd be a good idea to implement a feature that was enabled on Tremulous: sharing and donation.

/share <player> <number>: This would give a specified ammount of credits to someone on your team.

/donate <number>: This would divide the number of credits chosen between the number of players on your team and equally share that ammount of credits between them.

What are you thoughts on this idea?

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Re: Credits/Evos sharing and donation

Post by Sweet »

This was a semi standard Tremulous mechanism. Most Tremulous players request a feature like this, I did that too. We could even make the funds "overflow" to the team automatically.

I have however, heard arguments against allowing this. One is this: a single strong player on a team will be a big advantage for the whole team. If this player could provide a steady stream of funds to their team, the advantage would be even bigger. This might not be desirable.

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