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PvE layouts

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There are currently a few PvE layouts (Players versus Enemies) on the SKx servers.
They are made (for now) to host up to 4 real players in a single team, versus twice as much bots, and no building.

The rules (no building, 2 bots per player, locked Enemy team) can not be enforced automatically for now, (in the no-building case, it can't be enforced at all) but that's something I'll fix later (players with admin rights are needed), for now, let me list the available layouts and ask for feedback:

Players versus Humans bots:

* fortification
* chasm

Players versus Alien bots:

* karith
* station15

I'll try to update this post from time to time when I introduce changes.
Note that those layouts are often accompanied with manual updates of bots pathfinding, which apply to all game instances of those servers. This notably means that bots will no longer be stuck if you build an outpost in karith's elevator room and that bots on fortification will use the elevators to do downward or won't be stuck in the bunkerish rooms.
I intend to have more of those PvE layouts.

Again, please give explained feedbacks about those. Not "it's nice" or "it's bad", but rather points to improve :)
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