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Rest in peace, Unvanquished.

Talk about anything related to Unvanquished.
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Rest in peace, Unvanquished.

Postby lamefun » Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:49 pm UTC

The the activity in the "Assets & Artwork" forum has apparently ceased.

Git commits are few and far between.

Minimal viable gameplay was not implemented.

I must conclude that this is the end.

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Re: Rest in peace, Unvanquished.

Postby illwieckz » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:48 pm UTC

Hi lamefun, I'm glad you're still around! :grin:

Here is the list of currently active official Unvanquished repositories:

Here is the list of currently inactive official Unvanquished repositories (because updates are not needed):

Here is some work in progress:

Here is a list of repositories we contribute to:

So perhaps you don't look at the right place? Well, it's not your fault :wink: for real we currently lacks some communication. I'm going for vacation the next weeks, I will probably write something when coming back. For sure development has slowed down on some parts (on the engine side for example), but became more active on other parts (like assets, there is now plenty of new repositories that weren't there before), or on the toolkit part (lots of NetRadiant/q3map2 improvements these days, Unvanquished is now fully supported). The only things that haven't be touched at all since ages are maps, but well, they are fine and we have enough of them. Sometime some people are off for some months, then returns. Sometime development slows down, then restart. It's clearly not the most hysteric moment in Unvanquished history, but it's far from dead though, it just looks like some people are a bit more busy than before, that slows down a few the pace. Well, what we lack the most is some blog posts to reflect the reality of the activity, something I can work on in some weeks if everything goes fine on my end.

I worked on a special page to track down development across all repositories, a showcase is currently unofficially hosted there, it will end as an official page in official website one day. This page currently only tracks development from Unvanquished, UnvanquishedAssets, and DaemonEngine organizations though, not contributions to third-party ones ones or personal places.
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