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Map stories

Postby kharnov » Thu May 09, 2013 3:48 pm UTC

I will happily make stories for any Unvanquished-related map. For instance, I can go into why the map is part of the conflict, where it's located, what's valuable in the map, what the history of it is, and other things. I can also write stories that take place on the map, if that's what you'd prefer. The only requirement is that the map must be made by someone on the team or in the Unvanquished community. At this time of writing, the only maps that qualify would be Plat23, Yocto, Thunder, and Parpax. However, if one of you ends up making a map, I will gladly write some story material for you, assuming you don't feel like doing it yourself and you're comfortable with me engaging in my obsessive quest for a structured storyline.

So, if you want me to write some story material for your map, then post in this thread and give me a few specifications if possible. Is there a theme you're going for? Is there something you don't want? Would you like it styled as a sort of encyclopedia entry, or would you prefer it to be an actual story with characters?

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