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Re: [doesn't work yet] Unvanquished mapping with DarkRadiant

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 5:01 am UTC
by illwieckz
I added a (rough) Doom 3 .def file generator to mkeditorpacks (see unvanquished-mapeditor-support. I also patched (locally) DarkRadiant to finish the Quake 3 .map read support (it was still using dummy texture sizes in Q3 legacy brush parser) to get textures properly scaled, and I got this:


On the screenshot the telenode model is not displayed because there is no IQM model format support in DarkRadiant but that is not blocking.

For the moment the recommended and supported editor is NetRadiant from Xonotic upstream (NetRadiant-custom will not work, it lacks more than 6 years of developement including the features we need) and the fallback that mostly works is GtkRadiant (I updated Mapping Tools page on wiki. Maybe one day DarkRadiant will work as well?)

In the past DarkRadiant was successfully built on macOS, and the project recently switched to CMake so it may be easier to fix build issues if there was regressions.

Re: [doesn't work yet] Unvanquished mapping with DarkRadiant

Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2021 7:17 am UTC
by illwieckz
Here is the PR for that Q3 legacy brush support in DarkRadiant:

Beware that DarkRadiant does not have exporter for that Q3 legacy brush format. So, with luck you may get the Q3 non-legacy brush format on writing, which is still compatible with NetRadiant and q3map2, but you would have converted the map (so don't do it on Unvanquished source repositories).

Re: Unvanquished mapping with DarkRadiant [doesn't work yet]

Posted: Sat Aug 14, 2021 4:51 pm UTC
by illwieckz
So the current status of DarkRadiant compatibility with Unvanquished:

  • ✅ The mkeditor now produces a compatible DarkRadiant gamepack (I mean compatible with DarkRadiant);
  • ✅ an entity definition file written with Doom 3 def syntax compatible with DarkRadiant is now generated by mkeditorpacks and it works;
  • ✅ a game file written with DarkRadiant syntax is now generated by mkeditorpacks and it works;
  • ✅ Quake 3 brush format is read and now texture size is properly scaled but rotation/orientation is sometime wrong;
  • ❌ Quake 3 brush format is not written yet, instead an alternative Q3 brush format is written which is used by some games like Xonotic but usually not used by default by Q3 derivatives (and Unvanquished does not);
  • ✅ the IQM patch for the picomodel library was submitted to DarkRadiant (this is the same code currently used in GtkRadiant and NetRadiant). This plugin does not support animation anyway;
  • ✅ the dpk/dpkdir format works in a basic way (like a pk3/pk3dir: everything is loaded);
  • ❌ DEPS is not supported in dpk/dpkdir files (like a pk3/pk3dir).

DarkRadiant has interesting features:

  • Model Browser;
  • Entity picker with model preview;
  • Model animation viewer (but only supports MD5 model even with IQM picomodel plugin);
  • Material editor (our format is different but very close, maybe we can patch that);
  • Particle editor (our format is different);
  • Some git repository features (haven't tried);
  • Map reload and Camera sync with a compatible Doom3 engine, I would be very interesting to see this ported to Dæmon engine and other editors like NetRadiant, I expressed that need for NetRadiant in 2016, DarkRadiant got it in 2020 with 2.9.0 (Note: their engine does not require heavy map compilation like us)