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navmesh upgrades

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navmesh upgrades

Postby freem » Sat Sep 11, 2021 12:03 pm UTC

To go with my recent changes, I created a new "mod-" which is a companion of mod-betterai.

It's goal is to receive improvements of navmesh for all official maps. Maybe later mods for some legacy maps will be done (maybe in variants of this mod?).
Unlike betterai, this mod will be updated by changes to daemonmap, possible updates of maps (bsp) and editions of connections between navmeshes (not sure yet how to embed those in the package though.

  • generate navmesh for crouched humans
  • use more recent, less buggy, recast library (the tool generating navmeshes)
  • fix level1 (mantis) width to match real width
  • fix human_bsuit value to be able to crouch
  • fix level3upg (adv goon) to math real width
  • fix using the wrong parpax version (fixed in current iteration, which is 2nd)

This is a different pkg file for a very simple reason: navmeshes are rather heavy, currently this mod weighs 35Mio, so the updates will be separated. It also will receive, hopefully, a lot less changes.
This thread is opened to keep things easier to track, for both players and contributors.

Contributors because I will not be able to manually do all links even "only" on official maps: this is gigantic task, since it means adding one navcon for each ladder, each place in which it would be useful for dretch/mantis to wallwalk (they can not wallwalk on ceilings yet, though), each place in which it is possible to "slide" downward without being hurt, and this, multiple times (human_naked, human_bsuit, wallwalkers and non wallwalkers), for each map.
Will even become worse later when I'll implement new features for bots, as long as I can't find an automated way to do those.

Also, this will allow to notify of navmesh errors more easily without "polluting" the betterai thread.

Well... 3rd iteration actually. I decided to double check the values in daemonmap, and found 3 errors, the most notable one was possibly why adv dragoon are often blocked by corners. Hopefully this will improve situation. Uploading...
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Re: navmesh upgrades

Postby freem » Mon Sep 13, 2021 3:47 am UTC

Since the 13th release of the betterai mod, there is an easier to use in-game connection editor.

To use it (it can only be used locally):

  • load both the betterai and navupgrade mods: "/set fs_extrapaks mod-betterai mod-navupgrade"
  • start the map you want to improve: "/devmap mapname"
  • enable the navmesh editor for the class you want to edit: "/navedit enable level0"
  • adjust the "bot_navconRadius" to the value you want: "/bot_navconRadius VALUE"
  • place a connection start with either "addcon start" or "putcon start": addcon will place it where you aim at, putcon will place it at your feet. Both of those commands require at least a direction parameter: either "twoway" or "oneway". "addcon" can also take a radius value, unlike "putcon".
  • place a connection end with either "addcon end" or "putcon end". You can mix addcon and putcon without problems.
  • save the navcon file: "/navedit save"
  • reload the navcon if you added a wrong connection (there is currently no way to remove cons): "/navedit reload". This will disable the edition, thus you will need to re-enable it.

The initial list of commands can be chained, for example: "/set fs_extrapaks mod-betterai mod-navupgrade; devmap parpax".

Personally, when I place connections for ladders and wallwalking, I try to get them as perfectly vertical as possible, with half the width of the class I'm editing for radius.
The radius is *not* the class radius, but the area on ground from which the connection can be used. Both start and end will share the same radius, even if you changed value in between.
There is no need to cancel a connection start: any new start will overwrite the previous unfinished one.
There is no direct relation between a navcon file and the navmeshes, so I suggest you to start by creating the navcon for the bigger class, save it, rename the file, add connections to the class the size under, save, rename, etc.

Another advice I can give when using the putcon command is to enable 3rd person view: "/cg_thirdPerson 1".

Navmesh names and associated classes and sizes for unvanquished 0.52:

  • builder for granger (width = 40)
  • builderupg for advanced granger (not existing yet, width = 40)
  • level0 for dretch (width = 30)
  • level1 for mantis (width = 30)
  • level2 for marauder (width = 46)
  • level2upg for advanced marauder (width = 50)
  • level3 for advanced (width = 52)
  • level3upg for advanced dragoon (width = 58)
  • level4 for tyrant (width = 64)
  • human_naked (also works for light and medium armors, width = 30)
  • human_bsuit (width = 30)
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Re: navmesh upgrades

Postby freem » Mon Sep 13, 2021 7:09 am UTC

As a note, I did some parpax navcon files:

  • human_naked
  • human_bsuit
  • level0
  • level1

Keep in mind that the ladder and wallwalking are still very experimental
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Re: navmesh upgrades

Postby afontain » Sun Oct 10, 2021 5:57 am UTC

I'm sure the navmesh fixes would be accepted soon enough if in a PR :grin:

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