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Hosting Unvanquished servers until 0.52 comes out

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:37 am UTC
by illwieckz
Hi, if you wanna host a server, welcome! Here is the instructions to give players the best experience! Configuration sample files, map rotation example, bot management, bug fixes, everything to make your server a first class server! :bsuit:

This guide assumes you run Linux, if you run Windows or macOS, replace “${HOME}/.local/share/unvanquished” by “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\My Games\Unvanquished” on Windows and “${HOME}/Library/Application Support/Unvanquished” on macOS. Also on Windows you would have to replace “./daemonded” by “daemonded.exe” in command lines. :granger:

So, get to that folder in our repository, and download everything from “config” and “game” and store those files in a way you get the folders stored this way:

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One thing to do: edit the “game/maprotation.cfg” file and delete the three lines about the thunder map, they wont work on the released 0.51 version of the game and this will entirely invalidate the map rotation. Also, the thunder map is not really fun to play when there is no many players, so, better remove it from map rotation until the 0.52 release is out and you may still decide to host it when there a certain amount of players is reached are working again (it's still available through “callvote” anyway). :smile:

Once this is done, you can just run:

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./daemonded +exec server.cfg

And your server is alive!

Note that if you used the Unvanquished updater to install the game, the “daemonded” binary is stored in “${HOME}/.local/share/unvanquished/base”.

But, it would be really really cool if you can host some backport so players don't get some nasty bugs we fixed since 0.51 release when playing on your server (bye bye the bsuit painsaw shark), also player will get properly scaled UI (welcome 4K screens)!

To do it, enable download in your “server.cfg” file. Better is to use an HTTP server, if you don't know how to host one, you can use mine.

If you know how to host a web server, I guess you'll figure out how to modify your “server.cfg” file to tell players to use your own HTTP server. :wink: Note that if you host a web server to serve dpk files, you have to put a file named “PAKSERVER” containing the “ALLOW_UNRESTRICTED_DOWNLOAD” string at the root directory of your dpk files (basically, in “pkg/ directory). :smile:

So, what you have to do is to download the backport file here.

You store the backport file in “${HOME}/.local/share/unvanquished/pkg” folder.

Then you edit your “server.cfg” file this way:

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set sv_allowDownload "1"
set sv_dl_maxRate "1000"
set sv_wwwBaseURL ""
set sv_wwwDlDisconnected "0"
set sv_wwwDownload "1"
set sv_wwwFallbackURL ""

Also please edit the “server.cfg” file to add this at the end of your server name: “ ^9backport^*”, so people knows your server is hosting some backports!

Then, you run the server this way:

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./daemonded -set fs_extrapaks backports +exec server.cfg

That's all folks! :bsuit:

Hosting Unvanquished servers until 0.52 comes out

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:48 am UTC
by illwieckz
Bot management is easy. With the sample config files provided, you'll get a 3v3 bot game and one bot will leave when one real player joins, etc.

As a server admin, you can put more bots in a team or in both teams by doing things like that:

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/bot fill 6
/bot fill 6 aliens
/bot fill 6 humans

First command will fill the server with 6 alien bots and 6 human bots.
Second command will fill the server with 6 alien bots, whatever the amount of bots or players in human team.
Third command will fill the server with 6 human bots, whatever the amount of bots or players in alien team.

So, for example if you are 6 players on the human team, you can set 6 bots on the alien team to get some challenge by doing “/bot fill 6 aliens” on console.

Those “bot fill” commands only apply to the current game, when the next map load, the default options are loaded. :dretch:

Note that every player can do “/callvote kickbots” to start a poll to kick bots from the current game (they will come back on next map as well). :human:
Let's play! :bsuit:

Re: Hosting Unvanquished servers until 0.52 comes out

Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2021 5:24 am UTC
by Derek
So a simplification will be made in 0.52 Preferrably via GUI