Rocket Pod (alpha 0.34 universal zip)

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Rocket Pod (alpha 0.34 universal zip)

Postby JOURNEYMAN » Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:58 pm UTC

I joined the Rocket Pod server for the first time. When playing as human, I can build rocket pods and go near them without any incident. However, when playing as an alien, the game crashes when I go near the rocket pod. Has this issue been addressed?
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Re: Rocket Pod (alpha 0.34 universal zip)

Postby Viech » Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:09 am UTC

This is why the server name and map load message include in red letters that you need to compile the master branch from source. At some point before the server name just had a red "Compile: master" in it for shortness sake, which turned out to be not much of a clear statement to non-programmers. Sorry about that, I'll be more descriptive from now on!

The reason why your client crashes once you get near a rocket pod as an alien is that there is a renderer bug that's triggered by the missile model (because it defines no animation and thus no bounds, if I remember correctly). It has been fixed, so people who compile the bleeding edge version of Unvanquished from source could test the rocketpod on that server without crashing. Everyone else will be able to play with it starting this sunday, when we release Alpha 35.

Also, since there's nothing else to test that wouldn't crash vanilla clients, the "dev" game next week will be held on another server. Last week it happened on That day I already wanted to test the rocket pod but there was anohter bug I didn't see before as it only affected clients that run the gamelogic in a virtual machine, so in other words it happened on the dev server but not in a local development environment.
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