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preventing flamer kamikaze

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2021 9:35 pm UTC
by freem
I would like to suggest a way to prevent flamer kamikaze.

Humans with 100 momentum become suddenly highly dangerous for alien's bases, because they unlock a deadly combination: flamer + jetpack.
This combination allows one to play the "flamer kamikaze" tactics, for only 570 credits. Aliens got advanced granger, the only form which can remove fire, at the same momentum, but grangers can only extinguish 1 fire per second, while not being able to fight back the invader.

I think a good way to remove that tactics, which involves a suicide (since it's unlikely you'll be able to jet your way out of alien base), would be to prevent the flamer+jetpack combination.

Currently, there are 3 items using the "backpack" slot: battlesuit, jetpack and radar. I propose to:

* reintroduce the ammo pack, which would then only give flamer ammo
* make flamer default ammo at low value, like 50
* give battlesuit a built-in ammo pack (allowing to use flamer with a bsuit)