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Postby vitamins » Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:11 pm UTC

- death animation: camera shake, camera starts panning up, duration ~ half a second, only after this is over switch into 3rd person view
- display window with following information
- what you have done in your lifetime:
-- number of kills
-- momentum gained
-- calculate a score / points
-- give extra points for killing players who scored a lot of points in their livetime themselves / for taking out good players
-- give extra points for dealing damage to a player who gets killed shortly afterwards, ponits depending on damage percentage
-- give extra points for taking out high level enemies (the bigger aliens etc.)
- show model of player that killed you, the name and the weapon he was using
- show healthbar of player that killed you, extra infuriating if its 1 percent :smile:
- show name of player who assisted and damage percentage
All of this will give the player a sense of achievement instead of negative feelings about respawning.

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