Idea: Hoplon armor

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Idea: Hoplon armor

Postby lamefun » Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:25 pm UTC

It's an armor that promotes human teamwork!

Should look like an ultra-futuristic, shiny (but not completely reflective), very lightweight and very minimalistic full-body suit without any seams and few hard parts (maybe only the boots and the visor).


Like that but without the high heels and ponytail for the female model.

It should be relatively cheap, lightweight (even lighter than the basic armor, so humans should even gain some extra stamina instead of losing it) and potentially provide 90% protection for all body areas, more than the battlesuit, and it should block all poison! But it should have this catch: it should unlock its potential only when close to other humans who are also wearing Hoplon suits. This is how this could work: each suit has an internal capacitor that recharges in 1 second. The capacitor should discharge with every point of incoming damage but should be able to take only 30 damage before fully discharging and leaving the user with no protection whatsoever (200% head, 200% body, 200% legs). Eg. if you don't have a team-mate around and receive a 80 damage, poisoned hit (eg. from dragoon) to the head, you take 30 * 10% + 50 * 200% = 103 damage and die. However, if you draw power from 3 team mates you receive 80 * 0.1% = 8 damage, don't get poisoned and still have a bit of power left! It makes such group nearly invincible to a single dragoon as by the time it can hit again the humans will have their armor capacitors fully recharged.

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