Alternate build system for normal mode?

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Alternate build system for normal mode?

Postby lamefun » Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:31 pm UTC

I mean, with such a few build points building is restricted to only the best players, and if you build badly, you're going to get yelled at or banned. You can't defend while building AND if you're an alien, you can't begin building your forward base with a defensive structure, so forward bases are rarely being built at all.

Please make some changes to the normal mode (as opposed to hard, see this thread) mode. My proposal:

- Unlimited build points.
- Density limits for both teams.
- Overmind should allow building a few acid tubes without supporting eggs (just like the reactor).
- Eggs and repeaters increase the possible building density in their vicinity (up to a point).
- You can buy a weapon or morph into an attack alien even if your build timer hasn't run out.
- Build times get longer and longer as the game goes on (eg. 10 seconds for a turret at 5 minutes, 60 seconds for a turret at 30 minutes).
- Drills and leeches decrease build times in their proximity (up to a point).
- You can buy a few beacons at an armory or a few seeds at the overmind which you can then use to build structures while being an attack alien or holding a gun. (Building using seeds and beacons should take more time, eg. 1.5x).

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