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Map inspired from wesnoth's "race for dimaga beach"

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Map inspired from wesnoth's "race for dimaga beach"

Postby freem » Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:16 pm UTC

I was thinking, the dretchstorm map is rather popular, possibly because it's mostly PvE (players versus enemies), but lacks an interesting mechanics that I've seen in "mission maps": destructible terrain.

It would end with a gameplay similar to wesnoth's "race to dimaga beach" or "scrolling survival" maps, that is, humans (or aliens?) would have to both fight enemy swarm and make their base moving forward, as otherwise they would loose when base is destroyed.

Sadly, I know nothing about mapping, so can't do it myself.
Also, there's things I don't know if they would be possible, since not only the map is being slowly destructed, but also slowly "openning", enabling enemy buildings and or new bots or allowing the "Enemy team" to get more advanced stuff.
From a programming point of view, I think most tools are already here, except that there can't be more than 2 teams, so it would really be "players versus mob" instead of a proper race between 2 teams.

As dretchstorm map, I remember those wesnoth race maps being rather popular, enough to survive across years, as they are still around and I remember them being already around in wesnoth 1.8, possibly even older (for reference, wesnoth is currently on their 1.16.1 version, and there's like, 1 major version every 2 years).

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