"Color" Update Missing one Important Feature!

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"Color" Update Missing one Important Feature!

Postby Comet_ » Tue Nov 03, 2015 8:26 am UTC

By calling this update the color update kharnov reminded me of an age-old grievance I've had with this game. I've always found the lack of crosshair customize-ability difficult because I am someone who blanks out watching the screen for an extended period of time and I end up losing my crosshair on greyscale maps. I would love to give my crosshair a bright pink make-over or maybe a more basic color like red/blue that doesnt occur so frequently in maps like grey does. Here's exactly what I'm referring to (map is Plat23 H Spawn):


Note that you can barely see the crosshairs and that they are essentially gone (especially in the bottom screenshot; rifle crosshair). And before you respond, yes, I know my crosshair is on the small setting.

Also, after messing around with the new colors I got the name to how I like it. Albeit, it's kind of a mess and gets really long when you have more than 1 color in your name. My name is currently ^#00F5FFC^#00BFFFo^#1E90FFm^#1874CDe^#4682B4t. If you ask me its kinda hard to pick apart.
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Re: "Color" Update Missing one Important Feature!

Postby Viech » Tue Nov 03, 2015 6:29 pm UTC

Your issue report is invalid; Images attached don't show your cross… oh.

This is a good idea. Ideally someone would put it on the issue tracker as an accessibility enhancement so we don't lose track of it.
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