What's the point of even starting the game up now...

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What's the point of even starting the game up now...

Postby lamefun » Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:06 am UTC

...that the training server is gone.

(Disclaimer: I know about the dev games, but I generally don't specifically wait for them, and, besides, they last only a few hours a week and BTW Earth isn't flat.)

Even the training server wasn't very good: no bot balancing, and if you played aliens you had to try very hard not to die or else you'd often have to spend tens of minutes to get the morph points back since all human bots were all stuck behind turrets.

It's not fun to play against bots as they get stuck all the time, can't fight properly and can't build.

Waiting for someone to join after joining a server takes forever.

1vs1 is garbage, mainly because you can't defend while you're building, especially annoying with aliens because of the fact that you have to die and lose morph points and possibly give credits to the human and of the eXtremely k3wl "Cent 3volv3, an 3n3my 1s n34rby, so 4wesom3!" message. Oh, and because you can't build on walls right away, you either have to risk going granger or leave your base as it is, susceptible to grenades and fire bombs.

Skilled vs. unskilled is garbage: when playing against a more skilled player, you don't ever get a chance to build a base / get good classes / weapons / armor and simply get slaughtered, when playing against unskilled players, you have to miss deliberately and let yourself get killed so they get credits/morph points get or else they might simply leave, that simply gets boring after a while.

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