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Converting PBR maps to Unvanquished?

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Converting PBR maps to Unvanquished?

Postby quadbucks » Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:38 pm UTC

I'm working with a few models that have PBR texture maps and I was trying to get them in-game. The model works well and it's animations, but the textures don't look very good. Is there a script or something to convert PBR maps to the format of Unvanquished?
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Re: Converting PBR maps to Unvanquished?

Postby illwieckz » Mon Sep 07, 2020 8:01 pm UTC

While browsing the forum I noticed I forgot to answer to your question @quadbucks !

Dæmon will support PBR maps in upcoming release. The packing is ORM. :smile:
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